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the twin delta plan will cost to build and maintain that the initial estimate is $14 billion and will be paid for by water users. and not the bay area's mistake and according to water directors to use a different matter than the rest of us. in terms of the state water projects southern california starts at the delta. and so were part of southern california. and many more reliable water system that isn't at the mercy of tells the levees and state regulatory a result and will provide customers is not about the others it's about us. we cannot maintain their current s quality of life here describe, or we have a highet population of an imported water. people living in fremont and newark kenyan city dublin pleasanton livermore and all 15 cities in santa clara county. about 40 percent of the santa clara water district's water comes from the delta of surrey nearly 2 million people expect to see monthly water bills go up $5 a month in alimony county's own seven letter will be attending a monthly hike. >>> what to think about that? the what all the other bills and have this kind of ro
story out of new york, a pair of twins born along two separate freeways. the ander sorn twins couldn't wait for dad to drive them to the hospital so they were delivered on the side of the road. rescue crews delivered one with mom on a stretcher. they pulled over on the freeway to deliver baby two on the ambulance. both babies and mom are doing just fine. >> the ones not doing fine are the rescue crews. they deserve a drink. >> very successful, both babies are healthy. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here at 6:00. >>> on our broadcast tonight from london murder charges against that suspect in the colorado movie theater massacre. later they will decide if he's sane. the death penalty is a possibility. >>> mitt romney now in poland but it's what he said about israel that followed him there. >>> and here at the olympics when a woman starts swimming faster times than ryan lochte, people start asking questions. well, she is and they are. >>> plus, up close and personal with ryan lochte. tonight he shows us what it took to get here. "nightly news" from london to get here. "nigh
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will be allowed on board all day friday pe. governor brown has proposed the underground twin tunnel system. it will carry water from the sacramento delta and to farm lands to the south. >>> in terms of the state water project, southern california starts at the delta a. we cannot contain quality of life unless we are participating in this. >>> tonight berkeley council members will consider a plan to urge the postal service not to close the city's main post office. the post office has been operating for 97 years. but the post office plans to sell the building enclosing it. reports. said apple will introduce the new app boat, five the september print i. phones will reportedly go on sale on september 21st. >>> how fans are standing behind 13 today >>> and what was lurking behind the chocolate coating >>> the bear area tradition ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> we're starting out with mostly clear skies in the bay area and valley. we will talk more about that coming up. >>> the problems on 205 heading out retrieve see, we will tell you about alternates >>> a man tried to smuggle men disguised as candy bars
sides in the same inning. >>> to minneapolis, in the fifth, the twins made a leaping catch at the wall to rob alex rios of a home run. and jim carroll, the sac fly to left and alexei castas beat the throw at the plate. final there twins 7-6. >>> in cincinnati, the reds started off hot against the padres, jumping in front 3- 0. in the fifth, a double to the wall drove in three runs. the padres rolled past cincinnati 11-5, snapping the reds' ten-game win streak. >>> this has got to hurt. in seattle, jesus montero nailed the second-base umpire right in the side. oh! he tried to get out of the way. took a while, but he finally got back on his feet. he's feeling just fine. mariners, by the way, beat the blue jays 4-1. >>> at the cubs game in chicago, a very shaky wedding proposal. see this guy right here? his name is greg. he was going to propose to his girlfriend, erica, in the fifth inning. pops up on the giant screen, but she's out getting beers and ompletely misses the whole thing. he's bummed out, but he saves the day the old-fashioned way, getting down on his knees, giving her the rin
analysis of the twin pillars of the criminal law which are retribution and deterrence. the court makes the judgment that low i.q. means that you're less responsible and less likely able to be deterred. so the twin pillars of the criminal law don't really apply. but i'm not sure that the psychologists who do psychological testing and i.q. or the neuroscientists have really connected up the constitutional reasons why because it may be that they're substructures of i.q. that are more relevant to the eighth amendment question. it's not a general i.q. score that is ultimately relevant. in fact, the california supreme court has dealt with exactly that question of what subscales might be constitutional relevant rather than the global i.q. score. >> one question here which i think is very interesting. in my community, we strongly feel that diet plays a strong diagnosis of the violence we see, the intake of sugar which is heavily consumed is a factor. what is your take on that? >> diet certainly plays a role in controlling and behavior. you know, i'm not that familiar with all of the different
from anthony rizzo. the cubs beat the pirates in a rout.. 14 - 4. sox vs. twins at target field: the white sox started out great.. four runs in the first including a three-run homer from a.j. pierzynski. but they couldn't hold the lead. in the ninth, the twins' jamie carroll hit the winning sacrifice fly. sox lose to minnesota 7-6. but they're still in first place in the al central. highlights from the summer olympic games in london... lake forest's matt grevers sets an olympic record in the 100- meter backstroke and wins the gold medal. american nick thoman won the silver. 17-year old missy franklin sets an american record in the women's 100-meter backstroke and wins the gold. she won just 14 minutes after swimming a qualifying heat for another race! but, the big disappointment: the u.s. men's gymnastics team. they drop from first to fifth place and fail to medal. here's a breakdown of the medal count... china has won 19 medals, including 10 gold. the u.s. has claimed 18 medals, including six gold. and japan has won 12 medals, with one gold. that's a look at sports. your live i
about. it was amazing to us. it's a pair of twins that were ready to be born. and mom and dad, maybe not were ready for them yet. dragged their feet on the way to the hospital. twins born on two different highways in two different towns. is that possible? >> wow. >> take a look. newborns gavin and deklin anderson are twins. but you could say they're twins born worlds apart. or towns apart. when her water broke saturday, she and her husband, brian, hopped into the car on new york's long island. and started racing to the hospital. the mother, with this warning. >> you better go. i don't want to have the baby on the northern state parkway. >> reporter: to her credit, she didn't. she made it to the next highway. >> i was twisted behind the seat like this. >> reporter: shortly after pulling on the highway, anderson went into labor. >> it was hard to dial 911. >> reporter: with an ambulance sent by dispatchers, she delivered baby gavin, in massapequa, new york. with gavin, he was loaded in the ambulance. just moments later, the ambulance pulled over in east meadow, where baby deklin was bo
their twin sons were each born on one of them over the weekend. the anderson's were on their way to the hospital sunday when she told her husband it was time to pull over. >> probably the first time i listened to my wife. and thank god. >> you pulled over? >> i pulled over. >> so she gave birth to that first baby on the southern state parkway right after an ambulance arrived. they loaded her up, loaded the baby up, but the contractions started again. so they pulled over and delivered baby number two on the parkway. everybody is expected to be just fine. two peas in a pod back together again. still ahead, the shelves are stocked and the staff is ready. we'll take you to a new facility designed to help one of the region's largest food banks to fill a growing need of hunger. ♪ i've never felt this way before, but it's a scary time to be a woman. mitt romney is just so out of touch. [ female announcer ] mitt romney opposes requiring insurance coverage for contraception. and romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a bill that outlaws all abortion, even in case
, and bmws. >>> the long island expressway isn't the best delivery room, but that's where these twins entered the world. they ended up being born 9 minutes and a few miles apart. the parents pulled over and called 911 when it became apparent they weren't going to make it to the hospital. >> i'm looking in the back of the ambulance. i'm like, baby number two is coming. come around this way. i screamed it's a boy. >> they're perfect and amazing, absolutely overwhelming that they're here. >> the parents are thinking giving the boys southy and w-3. >> that really worked out for them. >> he was probably going 80-90 miles an hour and hit a traffic jam. >>> let's take a look at the weather. today's weather is going to be kind of like it will be the rest of the week. 84% humidity. barometer is rising. right now, a pleasant cool 64 in oakland. ocean city, 76. there was a shower, even a thundershower just south of the city between 7-8:30 tonight. a couple spots picked up a third of an inch. the airport, three 100ths of an inch. 74 in bel-air. 87, 69 today. the average high is 87, the average low 67. ri
project >> no one really knows how much the twin tunnel delta plan will cost to maintain but the initial estimate is $14 billion and it would be paid for by water users. the notion that the tunnels are for southern california and not the bay area is mistaken according to directors who use a different map than the rest of us >> in terms of the state water project, southern california starts at the delta so we are part of southern california >> we need a more reliable water system that is not at the mercy of built levees and state regulatory winds. >> i tell my customers it is not about the others, it is about us. we cannot maintain our current quality of life in the valley where we have such a high reliance on imported water unless we participate in this >> 2.5 million people would see their bills move up. people in all 15 cities in santa clara county and about 40 percent of the santa clara county water district comes from the delta, serving 2 million people. they expect to see monthly water bills to up $5 per month fair. in alameda county will likely be $10 increase >> and thinking of al
the twin tunnel system that would carry water from the san joaquin river delta to farmlands in the south. >>> in terms of the state water project, southern california starts at the delta at. so we are a part of southern california. >>> the increased water rates would likely affect cities in the santa clara and saalameda county. in the south bay we're doing great spurred you could see northbound 101 we are moving. all those satellites are westbound 580. this is our hot spot, westbound 205. the trailer is on its side. only one lane remains open. sees the is telling us 7:00, that's when they hope to get the situation under control. in the meantime, we're already seeing a dim leas. the delays. a quick note to if you're traveling through marin county, they're doing paving work at southbound 1 01 anser and raphael and sausalito. >>> out toward the coast line, still a couple patches of fog. by the afternoon, there will still be hot spots especially in the interior parts of the valley. i tore the coastline, temperatures mainly into the 50s. we are going to stay dry on the north and here. denver
expect to see the twin topics of white and two is responsible for the racial preference in hiring and promotion of civil service classifications would then the apartment building inspections agenda is for the next building inspection meeting. be advised that if i reasonable request is not honored, it will intensify efforts to correct this very serious problem, but outside and inside the jurisdiction of this commission. i believe racism is not allowable from a moral and legal standpoint. i will not allow it. i will not allow racism without inserting michael efforts to combat it. as to the process is now just beginning. i will see you next month. >> any additional general public comment on items not on the agenda? >> good morning, commissioners. my name is robert davis. i would like to ask a few questions and make sure they are discussed today. the second one is the open director hearings on the books since 1996 and the more than 750 orders of the abatement that are on the books since the year 2000. i mentioned those at previous meetings last month, and i believe the notice of the v
the memorial... outside the retreat... at... twin lakes.../ after receiving complaints...///.but ... seminole county ... president... turner clayton... wants the memorial ...put... back up../. some... residents say... memorials... shouldn't be place... in an area... where people... don't want them. 105-116"i don't disagree that there needs to be a memorial. i try to understand for the people who live therea& would i want to look at that ev" everyday?" one woman says... she has ... taken care... of the memorial.../ and... plans to put ...more items ... outside the subdivision..../// colorado movie-goers get another scare after a man brings a gun into a theater. theater.thornton police say james mapes was carrying a handgun strapped to his waist this weekend when he went into a multiplex theater.mapes has had a concealed weapons permit for years but...police took mapes into custody after evacuating nine theaters as a precaution. "there were a lot of people in those theaters very alarmed of panic very scared some left the theater once they heard they were lo
for two months. now the cub is up with its mom. >> a new mom and dad deliver twins on separate highways on long island this weekend. the first was delivered on southern state parkway after they pulled over to wait for the ambulance. once the ambulance they continued to the hospital and on the way the second baby came along and the family arrived, everybody healthy and the hard work out of the way. that's like having a baby in two different counties. >> covers the miles. >> all right. >> i got it. >> all right. >> that was cute. >> right. >> yeah. >> mom wants to check the baby out first. >> -- we will see. midday tomorrow. 83 and 86 at four in the afternoon. august like temperatures in the outlook. as we wrap up july. a better chance tuesday and late thursday. at sleep number, individualizing your sleep is at the heart of every innovation. wow. that feels really good! and now, sleep number introduces our new memory foam series the only memory foam beds with exclusive dual-air technology that adjusts on each side. memory foam just found its better half. sleep number. enjoy intr
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gavin's twin, quickly appear md match might nickname the babies, south "e" and "w" 3. the babies plan to head home to their little brother soon. wow. just ahead here, tiny american teen, three crushing mistakes, undoing a lifetime of preparation? in a sport where we learn women bodies are evolving from just a generation ago. ifficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart fail
believe the twin did it? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back. ♪ >>> now to an nbc bay area follow-up. we now know the cause of this four-alarm fire that took place last month. investigators say welders accidentally sparked the flames as they were attaching a ladder to a wall. the fire did more than $2 million of damage to the two story water front building along the erk bambarcadero. the building was largely vacant but work workers had been there preparing for next year's america's cup sailing race. >>> a federal trial that could determine the future of smart phones including iphones got underway today with jury selection, it's a $2.5 billion lawsuit that contests what apple can claim and patent as their investigation. >> reporter: apple, samsung, just about every smart phone maker is watching this case for sure, but before you think that it's just a corporate courtroom battle, you should know that if you use a smart phone, you could get caught in the cross fire. apple says samsung copied its smart phone and tablet, samsung says that what app
celebrating. our daughter gave birth to twins in november. we have twin grandchildren. they're eight-months old. we couldn't be happier. they got through great. they were cared for. we're es so proud of our daughtr and her husband. pregnant women in danger of gestational diabetes that could threaten their lives or the lives of the babies they're carrying, to now have preventive screening to protect them. don't come to the floor and tell me you're pro-life and profamily and oppose that because if you want a healthy mom and a healthy baby, this screening that starts tomorrow for millions of american women will be a positive step forward toward uneventful births and healthy babies. think about the care and screening for cancer and for all of the problems that women face. i see senator murrion the floor here. -- i see senator murrion the floor here. i want to yield the floor to her in a moment. i want to close by saying this. all those who were on this campaign to repeal obamacare -- that was their slur on it; we accept it -- it is health care under president obama. one of the most impor
blasts struck baghdad today, killing at least 21 people. the twin car bombs exploded in an upscale shiite neighborhood during rush hour. the dead included six policemen. 57 other people were wounded. the violence came a week after series of coordinated attacks-- claimed by al-qaeda-- killed more than 100 iraqis. republican presidential candidate mitt romney wrapped up his three-nation overseas tour today in poland. romney met with polish leaders in warsaw today. he cited the country as a model of economic liberty and smaller government, and as a long-time comrade in arms. >> poland has no greater friend and ally than the people of the united states of america. you helped us win our independence. your bravery inspired the allies in the second world war. you helped bring down the iron curtain. and your soldiers fought side by side with ours in iraq and afghanistan. we have fought together. we have died together. >> holman: romney also dismissed criticism of remarks during his trip about the olympics, jerusalem, and israel's economic superiority over the palestinians. he ignored shouted ques
the damage twin reactors could be up and running by the end of the year. tubes carrying radio active water need to be replaced. san onofre could restart pun -- the nuclear regular that rory -- rig la tori commission must a -- regulatory commission must approval the of it. he's accused of a hit and run injack -- of a hit and run p accident. >>> 8:19. the roller coaster ride that came to an abrupt large the questions that are still up in the air two days later. >>> puck speaking of air. look out -- speaking of air, look at our window. >>> welcome back. days after it stalled in midair, the new superman ride at vallejo six flacks discovery kingdom remains closed. technicians were scheduled to ride diagnostic tests -- diagnostic tests overnight. no one was hurt but it did take 90 minutes before any were back on the ground. >> i'm a little scared but i will probably ride it. if it happens again, oh, well, it looks fun. >> i would wait a couple of months until things are smoothed a then i would probably ride it. >>> r homeowner -- all right. sal is coming back. he's watching 280 and everything el
they have many days ahead. >> speed demons. you have experience having twins. rick: i have. >> didn't have them on the highway. rick: good luck. not on the highway. congratulations. >> thanks for joining us everybody. "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert. we are getting new reaction in just the last hour from the international olympic committee in the now growing controversy over a young chinese swimmer. welcome to "america live", everyone, i'm megyn kelly. chinese swimmer ye think win, facing allegations of doping. it was a incredible win in the 400 meter individual medley. the 16-year-old smashing a world record by a full second and smashing her own personal best by five seconds. she even saled past the time set by the winner of the men's event in the last leg of the race, ryan lochte. in the last leg of the race she beat the male gold medal winner's time. professional swimmers worldwide raising serious questions about whether she has taken any sort of performance-enhancing drugs. some calling it unbelievable and flat-out disturbing. an official from the united s
by aa growth in latin america. we saw revenues up 15%. t-win capital was 2.8% and slightly higher and it's robust too as the loan book deteriorates. they set aside 1.4 billion euros as provisions. that's around a third of the amount that the government wants them to do for this year. that compares to around two-thirds. the asset quality stayed the same as the first quarter around 4%. interesting to continue to watch rbs thinks that actually that npl will fit along with what the investment economy is doing. that could double over the next three years. the amount of sovereign debt on the portfolio, 11% now of total assets. that means it's something we have to watch for both the sovereign and possible downgrades going guard. for now, though, ross, it's up to you. >> thanks for that, julia. deutsche banc had a 63% before the pretax profit. they warned that the euro zone crisis will continue to add confidence and earnings. the bank is still committed to the universal business model. ralph silva is with us for the first half of today's program. hi, good to see you. it's hard to wage your way f
. >>> can you imagine giving birth to twins on not just one highway, but two? this woman was heading to the hospital on long island in new york but realized the babies weren't going to wait. her husband called an ambulance and soon after, gavin anderson was welcomed on the southern tate parkway. emts tried to get her to the closest hospital for the second birth. but moments later, she gave we are to decklynn on the wontau parkway. everyone is doing fine and will go home later this evening. >> brian: you're going there, you can't use the carpool lane. on the way home you can. >> steve: exactly. >> brian: right in the middle. >> gretchen: very cute. >> steve: larry sabato has been on this program a couple of times, the esteemed political analyst and he talked about the president's tax the rich strategy generally doesn't really work in a general election because people don't like the idea of raising anybody's taxes. because they figure they raise the rich's taxes, eventually they'll come for me. tax the rich at the bottom of the list, the number within thing you want, the next president
mean, he and his twin brother undergraduates of stanford, both graduated the same time at harvard law. he wins re-election in san antonio, which i think is the seventh or eighth city in the united states by something like 83% of the vote. i mean, this guy looks like the real thing. from everything i hear from people in texas, very, very highly regarded. i think the obama campaign made a really inspired choice here. >> well, the interesting thing though is they're certainly reaching out to latinos, as they always would in election. here's a president very popular with latino voters right now. nonetheless, his record is attackable, if you will. for one thing, he did not enact immigration reform as he promised. and he's been hit many times for the fact that he deported more latinos perhaps than any other president. does he have a problem potentially somewhere down the road and has to make up for that? >> well, i mean, he didn't enact immigration reform. why didn't he enact it? because the republicans blocked him. so latinos are pretty smart to say you're the guy that tried. the other par
the state. if you look, madam president, in southeastern utah near twin falls, the wolferine energy creek farm, it covers about 5,000 acres and pays royalties to 30 different landowners. in 2011 idaho's installed wind capacity grew by nearly 75%. that growth created hundreds of temporary construction jobs as well as permanent jobs in operation maintenance of these facilities. another number, right now idaho's wind sources provide power for nearly 160,000 homes without releasing the nearly 1.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide that traditional power sources would. wind supports close to 500 jobs in the state of idaho, jobs that wouldn't exist if the wind industry had not been enticed to invest in idaho because of the production tax credit, the p.t.c. and wind energy projects are an investment in local and state economies. wind energy producers provide nearly $2.5 million to the state in property tax payments every year and over $2 million annually in land lease payments to local idahoans who invest that money back into their local communities. those are real dollars that these communit
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)